When society teaches girls to fit in, we coach girls to stand out.

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We empower communitiesRead more about us »

We empower communities

We empower communities by changing attitudes and structures, creating more opportunities for everyone.

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We empower leadersRead more about us »

We empower leaders

We empower leaders so that they with knowledge, tools and confidence can lead change.

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We empower playersRead more about us »

We empower players

We empower girls so that they can reach their full potential and transform their dreams into goals.

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Empowering young leaders who then empower girls enabling them to reach their future dreams—starting on the football field & then further in life! #futeboldaforca

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We aim at empowering the whole world. Right know we empower Mozambique, Sweden and Zambia.

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Right now, we empower...



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Media Coverage.

Hon hjälper genom fotbollenRead More »

Hon hjälper genom fotbollen


The local newspaper Borås Tidning profiles FDF's regional project coordinator in Västra Götaland, Frida Persson. Read More »

Vill förändra normer med hjälp av fotbollenRead More »

Vill förändra normer med hjälp av fotbollen


FDF "Wants to Change Norms Using Football", writes the national Swedish newspaper Expressen. Read More »

Empowered girls from MozambiqueRead More »

Empowered girls from Mozambique


Renowned Swedish sports journalist Johanna Gåra meets the FDF-team and reigning national girls' football champions from Mozambique at Gothia Cup in Sweden. Read More »


Cecilia Andrén Nystrom @TEDxTalks for futebol dá força.

Our founder Cecilia Andrén Nystrom speaking at TEDxTalks about how we all can change the world - what Futebol dá força is all about!

Marta Vieira da Silva supports Futebol dá força!

The best football player in the world, Marta Vieira da Silva, shows her support for Futebol dá força and explains how we change the world through football!

Kosovare Asllani ambassador for Futebol dá força.

Our awesome ambassador Kosovare Asllani, pro footballer in PSG and the Swedish National Team.